No matter the season there is always a reason to visit.
Picture a family vacation that brings you back to nature and back together!
Cooper's Landing River Port Marina:
Campground, Dining,
Boat Fuel Station, Boat Dock & Store

Riverport Home
All year food service; explorers never go hungry.
The only boat dock with boat fuel in Mid Missouri
All year food service; explorers never go hungry.
Recreation for the whole family in a prime location.
Events include live music, social events, river projects, meetings, etc
History of the old town of Nashville, 
        where Cooper's Landing is currently located.
About the friends of Cooper's 
        Landing, event pictures, beautiful sunsets, and the ones we love.

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Local Driving Directions

Live Music will be scheduled through Halloween.
See the Events calendar.

Camping Rates
Campground Rules
Map North Campground
Map South Campground



RV sites and tent campgrounds are in excellent condition

Flood Report as of 7/17/2019 at 5.36 am

Cooper's Landing is closed.
Both roads are open, however. We are intensely busy cleaning and repairing everything. We are currently closed but plan to reopen by the end of the month.

The Thai Kitchen is open.

The Boat Ramp is Open

Campgrounds are in good condition.






(RV information is at the bottom of the page.)

Firewood is available for $10 per level wheel barrow load


Cooper's Landing is located at mile 170 on the Missouri River and mile 163.5 on the Katy Trail. There are two camping areas with RV sites and primitive camping.
Showers are available inside the store during store hours. $3 per shower.
For your further convenience, there are 3 outdoor port-a-potties and water hydrants available 24 hours a day.

The store has snacks, soft drinks, beer, wine coolers, groceries, tackle, camping supplies, boating supplies, and sundrie items.
Many times you can get sandwiches or dinner meals from the deli. There are always snacks and microwaveable foods available
. There are air hoses and water faucets on the outside of the building which are available for free.

Dining is available, see the food page.

Wireless Internet Service is now available in the store.

Cooper's Landing maintains a family friendly atmosphere. Cussing, loud music, drug and alcohol abuse, and nudity are not permitted.

If you are looking for a place to have a party, we are not the place you want.
Do Not invite your friends to visit your campsite as friends. This is not a party place.
Our campgrounds are intended for families and people who need to rest after spending the day on the river or Katy Trail

Tent Reservations are not taken for small groups of up to 3 tents. Larger groups may be able to make a reservation by calling: 573-657-2544 after 4 pm.
Dogs are not allowed in the tent camping areas.

Click here for a printable campground rules which all campers are required to sign when renting a site. You can save time by printing out the document and having it signed when you arrive.

The South campground is nestled between the Katy Trail, the Missouri River, and the Cooper's Landing store.
This campground is perfectly situated for maximum social interaction and proximity to the store, river and social events. Electric service is available.

The North campground is directly adjacent to the Katy Trail and near the Missouri River. It has the advantages of being a bigger area and more secluded. It is perfect for large groups such as church groups and boy scouts.

Both campgrounds are shaded by giant Sycamore and Cottonwood trees with an under story of Maples, Elms, Box Elders, Willows, Mulberry and other bird-watching perches.
Nature lovers are enraptured by the beauty and preservation efforts of this treasured area.

Both campgrounds are available for groups and special events like Arts and Crafts Festivals, Family Reunions, Weddings, and Wedding Receptions. Catering is available.

Sometimes we have firewood available for $10 for a level wheel barrow load. Call 573-657-2544 after 4 pm for appointments or information.


  • $10 per person , reservations not required
  • $40 motorhome or camper trailer (reservations recommended)
  • $30 per pop up camper (reservations recommended)
  • $15 for picnic site (must abide by campground rules)

RV sites have 20 amp and 30 amp electric and water hookups, no sewer hookups
There is a sewer dump you can use when leaving.

We do not have fire rings at the RV sites
but we are happy to share our fire in front of the store with you.

For After Hours Arrivals (Tents)

Park cars between yellow rope fence and Smith Hatchery Road near your campsite

Do Not Disturb the other people who are camping!

Set up your tent near one of the fire rings

Be sure to abide by Campground Rules

Do Not Park Your Car in the Campground

Check in with the office in the morning
(We usually open by 7 am)

Cooper's Landing
Family Campground

(click above for printable Rules)

Cooper's Landing Family Campground RULES

1. No firearms or fireworks, allowed on property. No Cars in the campgrounds. No dogs in the tent camping areas.
2. 10 pm is quiet time weekdays, 11pm weekends, no drums, no arguing, no loud music, no disturbing your neighbors who are trying to sleep. Guests are not allowed at your campsite without prior permission
3. Due to recent problems we are not allowing dogs in the tent camping areas on the weekends. Special needs exceptions can be made at the office.
4. No public drunkenness, drug use, profanity or nudity is allowed. Disorderly conduct or violation of the rules will result in ejection from the premises. NO REFUNDS!
5. Campfires in designated fire rings only. Please! No cans or bottles in fire rings. (You must supply your own firewood).
6. All food and drinks must kept at your campsite and cannot be carried into the entertainment/dining area. Reasonably priced cold drinks are available during our free music events.
7. Do Not sit on top of tables, especially picnic tables.
8. Please recycle. We provide a convenient recycling area next to the Cooper's Landing store. Remove all your trash from your campsite when you leave the campground.
9. Cooper's Landing is not responsible for personal injury or damage to you or your property during your stay at Cooper's Landing.

I have read and agree to these rules. Name:____________________________________________

Home Address:______________________________________ City:_________________ State:_________ Zip Code:______

Home phone:_________________ Cell phone:_______________

CAMP DATE: from________________ to________________

Signed:_______________________________ Date:__________

Additional Campers_________________________________


Enjoy your stay at Cooper's Landing!

RV Information

RV sites have both 20 amp and 30 amp electrical hookups at each site



Daily sites rent for $30 to $40 per day

Water is available at all RV sites by hooking up a hose to a nearby water hydrant. Some sites require up to 50 feet of hose.

There are no sewer hook ups at the short term RV sites. There is a sewer dump station near the sites.

Clean Portapotties are located near the RV sites.

There is a shower and laundry available in the store during store hours.

Please Print the driving directions to Cooper's Landing , Do not use GPS

(Reservations are recommended)

Reservation Policy:

We only have a limited number of RV sites available. It is important for us to rent these RV sites as frequently as possible.
Do not make a reservation unless you are sure you will use it. A non-refundable payment reserves your RV site..

After Hours RV Arrivals:

If you arrive after the store and office are closed pull into the main entrance and pull up to the pole next to the dumpster.
You will find 30 amp RV and 20 amp electrical hookups on the pole.. We will help you move to a regular RV site in the morning.

Call for more information at: (573) 657-2544 after 4 pm
or email us at Cooper's Landing (