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Cooper's Landing River Port Marina:
Campground, Dining,
Boat Fuel Station, Boat Dock & Store

Riverport Home
All year food service; explorers never go hungry.
The only boat dock with boat fuel in Mid Missouri
All year food service; explorers never go hungry.
Recreation for the whole family in a prime location.
Events include live music, social events, river projects, meetings, etc
History of the old town of Nashville, 
        where Cooper's Landing is currently located.
About the friends of Cooper's 
        Landing, event pictures, beautiful sunsets, and the ones we love.

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See the Events calendar.

Food is available. For more information see the Food page.

Camping is available. For more information see our Camping page.

is the only one on the Missouri River
in the state of Missouri!

We have 100% 87 octane gasoline (No alcohol)!
You can pump gasoline directly into your boat
while it is parked at our dock

Boat Gas is available every day from 7 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 6 pm or by appointment.

We no longer keep bait in stock

We can special order gold fish by the pound if you pick them up the same day

Call a week ahead of your fishing trip so we can make arrangements

Please! No fishing from or near our dock.
Fishing line can cause damage to prop shaft seals
leading to expensive repairs!

We hope to see you and your boat on our natural resource, the Missouri River. There's nothing more peaceful than a boat ride to watch the sun rise or set, and feeling the currents flow beneath. (photos courtesy Cliff White, August 2002, Missouri Depoartment of Conservation)

Cooper's Landing is located at mile 170 on the Missouri River and is home of the Providence Bend Boat Club. Boat ramp and temporary trailer parking areas are primarily for use by the boat club members. $5 day passes are sometimes available to non members when boat club activity is low and parking is available.

Steve Mellis' House Boat

The Cooper's Landing marina has a service dock with gasoline pump and pump out facilities. If transient boaters want to dock overnight, call Cooper's Landing for availability at (573) 657-2544. Dogs are not allowed in the dining, or entertainment areas. Liquor and Wine should be left in your boat since our "beer only" licquor license does not allow them on the premises.

Cooper's Landing store is open to the public and sells fishing bait, tackle, boat supplies, camping supplies, ice, food, groceries, soda, beer, and boat parts. Other services include; camping, laundry, and showers. Fuel for the body, and fuel for your boat! (Limited docking facilities are sometimes available.)

Boat Club membership has several advantages. The Payment of an annual fee of $100 gets members access to the boat ramp all year with no daily use fee, Boat Club members get discounts on camping, beverages and boat parts. Several members maintain docks at Cooper's Landing. The commercial dock is for temporary stays only. Boat Club members get priority access to the trailer parking area at the top of the boat ramp. Many of the boat club members have been boating and helping other boaters at Cooper's Landing for over 20 years. Entertainment features local and regional musicians performing original music. Several special events take place each year including fund raising events for local non profit organizations and Environment events and Art Festivals. You can check the Cooper's Landing Calendar on the Events page for scheduled entertainment..


Soon the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will be printing new navigation charts. Until then USACE has made the old Navigation Charts available on line. Depending on the stage of the river there can be submerged rock structures, sand bars, and floating debris. It is wise to keep track of current stages and the 5 day forecast at riverwatch. We use the stages at Boonville since it is the closest gage upstream. Boaters approaching from downstream will probably want to know the river stages from Jefferson City to St. Charles. If you are planning your trip several weeks in advance check the 4 week forecast. Detailed navigation information can be obtained from navigation charts available from the Army Corps of Engineers. Additional navigation and services information can be obtained from Quimby's Cruising Guide. Information as you travel north west on the Missouri River is located on this site:


Duck hunting is an increasingly popular activity along this stretch of the river. In the winter after river levels decrease sandbars, blew holes, and sloughs provide favorable habitat for ducks and other waterfowl. See our RECREATION page for information about nearby conservation areas.


The Missouri River in central Missouri is used both for commercial fishing and sport fishing. Detailed information on seasons and regulations can be obtained from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Most sport fishing in this area is for Flathead, Channel, and Blue Cats. Flatheads are prized for their excellent meat, Blue Cats are prized for their large size. We have seen several over 90 lbs. There are many species of other edible fish including Spoonbill, Carp, Buffalo, Quillback, Drum, and Sturgeon. In the winter there are also Walleye, White Bass, Sauger, Blue Sucker, and other species normally found further North. The smaller streams have Large Mouth Bass, Crappie, Perch, and Bull Head Catfish.


Missouri River fans:

QUIMBY'S Cruising Guide
US Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Charts
NOAA Weather Riverwatch Forecast Channel (Boonville)
NOAA Weather Riverwatch Forecast Channel (Jeff City)
Missouri River Water Trail
DNR Map of Cooper's Landing

For Current river conditions at Cooper's Landing email
or call: 573-657-2544