No matter the season there is always a reason to visit.
Picture a family vacation that brings you back to nature and back together!
Cooper's Landing River Port Marina:
Campground, Dining,
Boat Fuel Station, Boat Dock & Store

Riverport Home
All year food service; explorers never go hungry.
The only boat dock with boat fuel in Mid Missouri
All year food service; explorers never go hungry.
Recreation for the whole family in a prime location.
Events include live music, social events, river projects, meetings, etc
History of the old town of Nashville, 
        where Cooper's Landing is currently located.
About the friends of Cooper's 
        Landing, event pictures, beautiful sunsets, and the ones we love.

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Local Driving Directions


11505 Smith Hatchery Road. Columbia, MO 65203
(573) 657-2544

Mike Cooper has pioneered this premier stretch of wooded land along the Missouri River into what is now considered to be an oasis for boats and fishermen on the Missouri river, and outdoor enthusiasts biking, hiking, or nature-walking along the Katy Trail. Don't be surprised to see Mike feeding a baby Lovebird, or point out the sounds of birds and animals unique to the area.

Mike Cooper, an outdoorsman, had a dream: a dream of an earlier wild river that was just beginning to be changed by the hand of American westward expansion. Our country grew westward, first, with the help of the French trappers, followed by Lewis and Clark, Surveyors and Settlers. Mike has become a historian for the towns of Nashville and Providence that once sat near where his store and marina are located. Why? Because it was the thriving, bustling river port that supplied the small town of what is now the city of Columbia, Missouri (one of the top ten places to live in the United States based on a number of Money Magazine issues). Go to the History page and learn about Ira P. Nash, the earliest surveyor and settler of the site of Nashville. Learn about the spring freshet of 1844 that destroyed Nashville and led to the founding of Providence.

Cooper's will continue to improve access to the Missouri River to make it safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Cooper's Landing is also Mike's home, and all visitors are treated like friends. It seems like he's on a permanent vacation located in the middle of nature, but it takes hard work to maintain such a wide range of services for his customers. Even though he's always busy, he is also ready to take a break and share with you the natural beauty of the area, the history of Nashville, how the fish are biting, what's for dinner, and offer you an icy cold beer (at a reasonable price). The atmosphere is so relaxed, people tend to 'let their hair down' on the nights when there is live music. Mike is interested in promoting local musicians and provides facilities all year round for them to perform and record live music. And whatever you do, dress comfortable and casual!

Please keep in mind that alcohol is served on the premises. It's understandable that families planning a vacation may not want to choose a campground that sells alcoholic beverages (wine, wine coolers and beer). On the other hand, those of you who don't mind a fun, lively atmosphere at night, be assured that Mike will not tolerate boisterous intoxication that is disruptive to his other visitors. For your planning purposes, Cooper's Landing is more tranquil both day and night during the week days. Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for live entertainment to celebrate the tough work week, sweaty day biking on the trail, or getting the biggest fish of the day out of the Missouri River!

Mike's dream is coming true because he's not the type to give up. After the big flood of 1993 almost floated his store away and the river waters returned to their banks, he remodeled to make an even better business that included the Gathering Room, a great place for people to meet and have fun year round. He has also been able to enlarge and improve his boat ramp and make a new boat service dock. Finding a full-service marina on the Missouri River is not as easy as finding one on the highway. Cooper's Landing now provides a much needed service to fishermen and boaters who enjoy the challenges and beauty of the Missouri River. He still has more plans and it's fun to watch Cooper's Landing grow . During the official Lewis and Clark Bicentennial years, Mike's marina, store, lodge and camp grounds will truly be an experience of a lifetime.